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Lewis' achievements at Castle Fitness

Lewis and Brad are smiling for the camera and stood in the Castle Fitness studio. Lewis is wearing a red and white striped nike t-shirt and Brad is wearing a black outfit.

I have been training Lewis for just over a year now and we first started sessions outside. Lewis has trained in -3 temperatures to 30 degree heat and never complained once. His main goals were to get in shape and get stronger.

Since starting Lewis has improved:

  • Bench Press: Was 40kg ➡️ Now 80kg

  • Deadlift: Was 50kg ➡️ Now 110kg

  • Squat: Was 50kg ➡️ Now 90kg

Lewis has not only improved his strength he has also significantly dropped weight and became more toned.

Lewis’s achievements:

  • Gained 4” in Chest Size

  • Gained 2” in Arm Size

  • Lost 3” off Waist

  • Lost 6kg in Weight

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