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Online Coaching

Fast track your transformation

'I wanted a 'bespoke' workout plan. Brad understood and worked with me to create a plan that was just for me. I'm so happy with the result!'

- Coleen


Online coaching is a complete guide to making a fitter, stronger you, for a smaller cost than 1-2-1 personal training. You can work with Castle Fitness online for less than the cost of two one-hour personal training sessions.

Unlike 1-2-1 personal training where you see your trainer once or twice a week, you will have access to us 7 days a week. This allows for daily messaging, feedback, programme adjustment and motivation. Working with us every day on your diet, training, mood, recovery and lifestyle will have a major impact on your progress. No more unstructured workouts and mediocre results!

All of the online coaching packages we offer are tailored to your capabilities and goals and are available on either a 4 or 5-day per-week basis. You'll receive varied workouts with video and written instructions for each exercise, step-by-step. As soon as you start your program your trainer will be on hand to track your results and respond to any challenges you're facing, in order to ensure accelerated and consistent progress.

'Within weeks of training with Castle Fitness, I noticed so much progress in my strength, mental wellbeing and general fitness. The Castle Fitness team is extremely passionate, motivated and really tailored my workouts for me and what I wanted to improve on. '
- Lucy


Get in touch through our enquiries page and let us know what some of your workout goals are and what you are looking for in an online training programme.  


You will receive a form by email with comprehensive questions covering your fitness goals. This will help us understand your background and ensure the plan is bespoke to you and your needs. You will receive your customised plan within 24 hours of the form being returned.


You're all set to begin your programme. Your trainer will be on hand 24/7 to offer unlimited support and answer any questions that you have. Don't forget to take progress pictures to track your transformation!

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