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Jesse's Transformation

Jesse came to me pre-covid and felt unhappy with his weight and confidence levels. He felt uncomfortable taking off his jumper and wanted to increase his energy levels.

After lockdown ended Jesse started training with Brad and his results are incredible!

Transformation with two images next to each other and the Castle Fitness logo above. There is a red border and the text on the image describes Jesse in his 20's and the duration of the transformation was 6 months.

Over the past 6 months Jesse has:

  • Lost 10.5kg in weight

  • Dropped 6 inches from his waist

  • Lost 4 inches from his hips

  • Hit a 110kg deadlift

  • Squatted 95kg

  • Benched 52.5kg

Jesse has been an absolute pleasure to train and has taken onboard everything Brad has taught him. Jesse is off to university this week so today will be the last session for a while, however he will continue to train and I wish him all the best at university.

Jesse said “I’ve loved working with Brad over the past few months and I’ve gained so much confidence and skills that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without Brad’s help. Thanks again!’


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