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How can weight training help my running goals?

Leanne started training just before September and was looking to build her lower body strength and stamina in light of running the Winchester half marathon. Leanne had never ran a half marathon before and said her legs felt “tired” and “lethargic” when running over 10k.

Since starting, Leanne has made significant improvements and progress with her lower body training and completed the half marathon in just under 2:15 which is a impressive time for her first race.

Leanne’s achievements:

  • Dumbbell Goblet Squat: Was 4kg ➡️ Now: 20kg and can squat a 20kg barbell

  • Angled Leg Press: Was 20kg ➡️ Now: 80kg

  • Hex Bar Deadlift: Was 35kg ➡️ Now: 60kg

"It’s been amazing training with Brad. He has helped build up my mileage from 6 to 13 miles and it’s made my running even more enjoyable. So much so that there is a good chance of a full marathon sometime soon!"

Top work Leanne!

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