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"I'm at the best fitness level I've ever been in"

Transformation with two images of Jake next to one another. The Castle Fitness Logo above the images and there is a red border detailing Jakes age in his 20's and the duration 6 months.

Jake started training in October 2019 and wanted to improve his body image and fitness levels. Since then, Jake has lost over 17kg (2.6 stone) in weight and feels more confident in his own skin.

Jake says, “I’m more motivated then ever before, and I’m at the best fitness level I’ve ever been in. I’m more energised both physically and mentally since training with Brad!”

Jake is an absolute pleasure to train and works so hard during each session. He goes above and beyond what I ask of him, and turns up with an open mind, ready to learn.

Well done Jake, you’ve done so well considering the circumstances with gyms being shut due to covid, let's keep the ball rolling and continue your progress!

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