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Julie's success at Castle Fitness

Julie started training at the end of last year and was looking to build her fitness back up. Her main goals initially were to lose weight, tone up, and just generally boost her self esteem.

Throughout the sessions we soon identified that Julie had a shoulder impingement and a potential rotator cuff tear which was no fault of her own, therefore, the sessions were tailored around rehabilitation and strengthening her rotator cuff back up.

Since starting Julie has made significant progress and her range of motion in her shoulder has improved considerably. Julie has achieved the following:

  • 65kg ➡️ 59kg

  • Lost 2.5” from waist

  • Reduced leg circumference by 3”

As well as improving her physique Julie has considerably improved her deadlift. Prior to Julie’s personal training sessions, she was never taught how to hip hinge nor brace her core, however, can now deadlift 72.5kg which is more than her bodyweight.

Julie is an absolute pleasure to train and gives 110% each session.

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