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Jim's tailored plan helped him achieve his goals

Jim and Brad are stood next to each other in the Castle Fitness studio smiling at the camera with their arms around each other. Jim is wearing a navy jumper and grey shorts, Brad is wearing a black jilet.

Jim started training in lockdown and his main goals were to increase strength, posture, and just generally feel better about himself. Jim works a 9-5 job and commutes to London. This means he is normally sat down for the duration of his time at work and struggles to find time for health and fitness.

Like most, work can take a big strain on our lives, but since starting training Jim has developed healthier habits and has noticeably got stronger and increased his overall muscle mass.

Jim’s strength improvements:

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press: Was 25kg ⏩ Now: 67.5kg

  • Barbell Back Squat: Was 30kg ⏩ Now: 90kg

  • Deadlift: Was 40kg ⏩ Now: 120kg

Jim trains twice a week and also has a gym membership at his local gym where he follows a structured plan tailored to his goals. As well as improving his strength Jim has also increased his muscle mass:

  • Increased chest size by 4”

  • Increased arms by 3”

  • Grown leg circumference by 2”

  • Put on 6kg in weight

As Jim’s has an ectomorphic body type he finds it difficult to gain weight, however through a structured diet and training plan this can be achieved.

Top work Jim!

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