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Hollie's achievements at Castle Fitness

Hollie’s main goals were to lose weight, improve her training knowledge and to boost her self esteem. Hollie training has come on leaps and bounds and her hard-work has not gone unnoticed. She has taken everything onboard I have taught her and can now independently and safely follow a training program in the gym.

Prior to training, Hollie didn’t know how to hip hinge, squat, deadlift or bench press and can now progress on all three movements week after week.

Hollie and Brad stood next to each other and smiling in the Castle Fitness studio.

Hollie’s achievements:

  • Lost 6.5kg

  • Lost 4.5” off waist

  • Lost 3.5” off hips

  • Lost 1.5” off thighs

As well as losing weight and dropping inches Hollie has gained significant strength:

  • Hex Bar Deadlift: 35kg ⏩️ 62.5kg

  • BB Back Squat: 15kg ⏩️ 47.5kg

  • Flat BB Bench Press: 6kg (DB) ⏩️ 25kg

Hollie has achieved her weight loss through a calorie deficit, meal prepping, sufficient water intake, and a protein goal. This along side a daily step goal can all assist in losing weight and toning up. Our next goal is to lose another 6kg which is definitely achievable and realistic.

“Since training with Brad my confidence and motivation in the gym has grown massively. He has helped me fit regular gym sessions and a healthy diet in to my busy work schedule. I am seeing improvements every week and really enjoying it!”

Keep up the good work Hollie!

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