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Zoe's achievements at Castle Fitness

Zoe started training when I first worked at Energie and she was my first ever client!

Zoe and Brad stood next to each other smiling at the camera at the Castle Fitness studio. Zoe is wearing a grey t-shirt and Brad is wearing a black hoodie.

Zoe’s main goals were to improve her overall gym knowledge, become more confident when lifting weights and to get in shape/tone up. Her form and technique on all three compound movements has increased and her training and nutrition knowledge has improved massively since starting.

Since starting Zoe has:

  • Lost 10kg in weight

  • Reduced waist by 5”

  • Toned legs and thighs by 2”

  • Toned arms by 3”

As well as losing a significant amount of weight, Zoe’s has also got stronger:

  • Barbell Back Squat: 20kg ⏩ Now: 57.5kg

  • Deadlift: 30kg ⏩ Now: 55kg

  • Barbell Hip Thrusts: 27.5kg ⏩ Now: 65kg

Zoe’s results have been achieved through a calorie deficit and a high protein diet. She aims to hit 8-10k steps a day and priorities sleep and meal prepping to keep her on track.

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