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Joe's success at Castle Fitness

Joe started training in January and his main goals were to put on size, weight, and increase his strength. Prior to Joe’s training he had no real gym knowledge nor knew how to lift safely.

Joe has come on leaps and bounds and completely transformed his physique, putting on 19kg in weight and has achieved some significant and impressive stats including:

  • Weight: Was: 67kg ➡️ Now: 86kg

  • Chest: Was: 36” ➡️ Now: 38”

  • Arm Circumference: Was 11” ➡️ Now: 13.5”

  • Legs: Was: 19” ➡️ Now: 22”

As well as noticeably changing his physique, Joe has also got significantly stronger since starting:

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press: Was 20kg ➡️ Now 50kg

  • Sumo Deadlift: Was 30kg ➡️ 70kg

  • Angled Leg Press: Was 40kg ➡️ 180kg

Joe and Brad are stood next to each other smiling in the castle fitness studio. Joe is wearing a grey top and brad is wearing a black top and cap.

Joe achieved this through a structured diet and incorporated a calorific surplus every day. Calorie dense foods were recommended such as starchy carbohydrates and adequate protein intake.

“Brads sessions are always enjoyable and he pushes you to progress every week. I was given a structured workout and diet plan that was easy to follow and really helped me as a beginner in the gym. I would highly recommend Brad”

Top work Joe!

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