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"I have loved every minute training with Brad"

Colleen and Brad are stood next to each other and are smiling for the camera. The are both wearing black outfits and Colleen has shoulder length blonde hair.

I have been training with Colleen for over 2 years now and she was one of first clients that I trained when I started my career. Colleen's main goals were to tone up and improve energy levels.

Colleen has come on leaps and bounds and has trained in all weathers and environments. Sessions first started when I worked at Energie, then went to outdoors, and now continue at the studio!

Colleens Achievements:

  • Reduced Waist by 5.5”

  • Reduced Leg Circumference by 2”

  • Arm Size Dropped by 2”

Colleens Strength Improvements:

  • Hip Thrusts: Was 25kg ➡️ Now 75kg

  • DB Goblet Squat: Was 12kg ➡️ Now 27.5kg

  • Side Plank: Couldn’t Hold One ➡️ Now: Hold for 45 seconds

“I have loved every minute training with Brad. He pushes me just enough to keep improving little by little. We always have a good chat and I look forward to working out each week.”

Colleen turns up every week with a smile on her face and is a pleasure to train.

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