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"I feel stronger and more confident in myself"

Mel and Brad are stood next to each other in the Castle Fitness Studio, smiling at the camera. Mel is wearing a white vest and has long brown hair. Brad is wearing a black top and cap.

Mel started training 3 months ago and had zero knowledge of weight training. Her main goals were to build structure to her life and tone up. Since starting Mel has taken on board everything I have said and can now safety lift with the correct technique. As well as building structure to her daily life she has got significantly stronger and her posture has improved.

Mel’s achievements since starting:

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press: Couldn’t press the bar ⏩ Now: 27.5kg

  • Hex Bar Deadlift: Was 20kg ⏩ Now: 45kg

  • Barbell Back Squat: Couldn’t squat the bar ⏩ 45kg

“Brad has been a fantastic teacher over these past months. I feel stronger and more confident in myself. I’ve been taught a whole range of exercises and always know how to check my form (hinge those hips). Brad has been incredibly patient and I grumble much less when he says the word ‘conditioning’. Looking forward to many more sessions and reaching my deadlift goal”

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