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"I am now fitter, stronger, my energy levels have improved"

Paula started training 3 months ago and her main goals were to lose weight, improve her core strength and to generally feel better about herself.

Prior to training Paula suffered from lower back pain and didn’t have the greatest knowledge of weight training. Paula has made significant progress in such a short period of time and has come on leaps and bounds. Before training, Paula was unable to squat a barbell or deadlift from the floor.

Paula has not only changed her physique but has also got significantly stronger since starting.

Paula and Brad are smiling stood next to each other in the Castle Fitness Studio. Paula is wearing a grey top and Brad is wearing a black top and cap.


  • Weight: 70kg ➡️ 63.5kg

  • Reduced Waist by 3”

  • Lost 2.5” of Hips

  • Toned Legs by 1”

Paula’s lower back pain has pretty much disappeared and doesn’t aggravate her on a day to day basis. She is absolute pleasure to train and will now be travelling round Australia for 2 months.

“With Brads support and guidance and excellent knowledge of back pain management, I am now fitter, stronger, my energy levels have improved and my back is better than ever. My weight has reduced too! I've really enjoyed my sessions with Brad over the past 3 months and I've been able to achieve my goals, which feels amazing! Thank you Brad”.

Top work Paula!

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