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How can Castle Fitness help you reach your goals?

Fran and Brad are stood next to each other at the Castle Fitness studio smiling at the camera. Fran has her hair in a braid and is wearing blue leggings and a grey vest.

I have been training Fran for the past 16 months and her main goals were to improve her overall training knowledge, increase her strength, develop her training confidence, and to eventually be able to do 5 unassisted pull-ups.

Fran is one of the nicest client’s I have ever trained and shows up to every session ready to give her all into each session. With her busy work schedule she found it difficult to stick to a fitness regime but now she trains twice a week and runs on the weekend.

Fran’s form has improved on all compound lifts, but her deadlift technique has come on leaps and bounds. She can now keep a neutral spine when lifting and be able to follow the 5 steps of a deadlift confidently.

Since starting, Fran has significantly got stronger and is halfway to do doing a bodyweight pull-up (we started this goal in the new year).

She is absolutely pleasure to train and has done significantly well since starting.

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