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Helene's achievements at Castle Fitness

Helene started training in the new year and her main goals were to lose weight, tone up, and just generally feel better about herself. Since starting her training, Helene has significantly toned up and has lost 6kg in weight.

When losing weight it’s about taking every day as it comes and striving from small marginal gains. In the fitness industry, weight loss can be over complicated but if the basics are done consistently results will occur, and in Helene’s case she has done brilliantly.

Helene and Brad are smiling standing next to each other. Both are wearing black t-shirts and Helene has her brown hair up in a bun.

Helene’s achievements:

  • Lost 6kg in weight

  • Dropped 6.5” off waist

  • Toned arms by 1.5”

  • Toned legs by 2”

  • Hips reduced by 3”

Throughout Helene’s training this was achieved through a calorie deficit, increased in steps, increase in water intake and adequate sleep.

Top work Helene!

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