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From surgery and back to boxing

James and Brad are smiling for the camera in the Castle Fitness studio. James is wearing a blue top and Brad is wearing a black top.

James started training before the new year and came to Castle Fitness with a severe lower back injury from boxing.

James suffered a severe herniation to his lumbar 3 (L3), ruptured his L4 and his L5 is desiccated due to degenerative disc disease and is empty which left him unable to move and was sent for immediate surgery.

His main goals were to lose weight, become stronger and also improve his quality of life due to his lower back pain. James has significantly improved his strength and has noticeably changed his physique since starting.

Our training session have included lots of mobility around the hip and torso whilst looking to strengthen his core and lower back to help support his spine and pelvis. James can now safely hip hinge and deadlift with excellent form.

Since starting James has improved in the following areas:

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press: Was: 60kg ⏩ Now: 85kg (set of 6)

  • Hex Bar Deadlift: Was 65kg ⏩ Now 110kg

  • Hack Squat: Was 40kg ⏩ Now 140kg (set of 6)

James has now returned to boxing where he can safely train without the fear of re-injuring his back.

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