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Fred's fitness levels increased significantly and has improved his technique too

Fred is one my close friends and long standing clients who’s main goals were to get in shape, improve his fitness levels and just generally feel better about himself.

Fred and Brad are stood next to each other, both smiling at the camera in the Castle Fitness studio. They are both wearing black t-shirts.

Since starting Fred has improved his fitness levels but significantly improved his technique on all compound lifts.

Freds achievements:

  • Increased Chest Size by 4”

  • Lost 6kg in weight

  • Increased Leg Circumference by 5”

  • Reduced Waist by 6”

Not only has Fred lost weight by has improved his strength in all areas:

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press: Was 50kg ⏩ Now 80kg

  • Conventional Deadlift: Was 60kg ⏩ Now 110kg

  • Barbell Back Squat: Was 25kg ⏩ Now 90kg

Fred has improved all aspects of his training and has got significantly stronger since starting.

Top work Fred!

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