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David transformed his life, both physically and mentally

David and Brad are smiling at the camera in the Castle Fitness Studio. David is wearing a grey t-shirt and Brad is wearing a black t-shirt.

David started training just over a year ago and I can honestly say he has transformed his life, both physically and mentally.

David was completely new to weight lifting and suffers from spinal arthritis which has caused him lower back pain for many years. His attitude and commitment to training has been amazing and has taken everything onboard.

Within a year of training David has not only significantly changed his physique but has also achieved some serious muscle and strength gains.

David’s achievements:

  • Lost 7” off waist

  • Lost 13kg in weight

  • Hips reduced by 4”

  • Grown arms by 2.5”

  • Legs grown by 3”

As well as completely changing his body shape David’s strength has improved:

  • Deadlift: Was 60kg ⏩ Now: 120kg

  • Barbell: Back Squat Was 55kg ⏩ Now: 105kg

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press: Was 45kg ⏩ Now: 75kg

David's transformation photo with the castle fitness logo above and red border. In the left image David is wearing a blue shirt and in the right image he is wearing a red polo shirt and shorts.
"Absolutely delighted with this and it is also down to your amazing and skilled support."

David is an absolute please to train and gives 100% each session. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed and you’ve done extremely well since starting.

Top work David!

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