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Can training help reduce knee pain?

James and Brad smiling for a photo in the Castle Fitness Studio. James is wearing a bright green top and has short dark hair. Brad is wearing a black top and cap.

James started training 3 months ago and his main goals were to improve his strength, core stability and create structure to his fitness regime. James suffered from pain in his knees and now he is pain free allowing him to squat with full range of motion.

James trains once a week and initially was set up on a 3 day training split. Calories, macronutrients and meal ideas were incorporated to make sure he fully understood what types of foods/ supplements he could take to improve his recovery but also performance when training.

James’ achievements:

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press: Was 40kg ▶️ Now: 67.5kg

  • Conventional Deadlift: Was 60kg ▶️ Now: 130kg

  • Barbell Back Squat: Was 50kg ▶️ Now: 115kg

James now trains 4 days a week (2 x upper / 2 x lower) and is progressing in all areas of his training. He is an absolute pleasure to train and has made significant progress since starting in such a short time frame.

Top work James!

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