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Can strength training alleviate lower back pain?

Quentin and Brad are smiling and stood next to one another with arms around shoulders. They are both wearing black tops with the castle fitness logo on.

Quentin started training in lockdown and his main goals were to improve his muscle mass, increase his core strength and stability, and to improve his posture.

Quentin was born with a condition called scheuermann's kyphosis and occurs when the front of the spine doesn't grow as fast as the back of the spine. This leads to healthy, rectangular-shaped vertebrae to become triangular-shaped and wedged together. This causes the thoracic spine to curve more than normal and creates a kyphotic posture (roundness).

Our sessions have included lots of posture work where we look to strengthen the weak muscles (upper traps/rhomboids/rear delts) and stretch the tight muscles (pecs/front delts).

Since starting Quentin’s posture has significantly improved and he has got noticeably stronger leading to muscle gains. There are some movements which cause Quentin lower back pain so controlled exercises have been chosen and progressed each week:

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press: Couldn’t press the bar ⏩ Now: 50kg

  • Angled Leg Press: Was 40kg ⏩ Now: 250kg

  • Widegrip Lat pulldown: Was 20kg ⏩ Now: 52.5kg

Prior to his PT sessions, Quentin was forced to take pain killers to help alleviate his lower back pain, now he can go about his day to day life without needing to take any anti inflammatory medication.

Top work Quentin!

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