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Can a Castle Fitness plan work around my hectic lifestyle?

Sandeep and Brad are stood next to each other at the Castle Fitness studio and smiling at the camera. Both are wearing black jackets and have short hair.

Sandeep started training just before lockdown when I first started my career. His long term goals were to tone up, increase strength and improve his flexibility.

His short term goals were to bench press 60kg, drop a 1/2 stone in weight and become more muscular.

Sandeep lives a hectic lifestyle where work revolves with back to back meetings from sunrise to sunset, with lots of concentration on a daily basis.

Sandeep strength achievements:

  • Flat Barbell Bench Press: Was 40kg ⏩ Now: 70kg (This was achieved 4 months into training)

  • Barbell Back Squat: Was 50kg ⏩ Now: 90kg

  • Deadlift: Was 35kg ⏩ Now: 90kg

As well as improving strength Sandeep has achieved:

  • Lost 5kg in weight

  • Increased Chest Size by 3”

  • Reduced Waist by 2.5”

  • Improved Arms by 1.5”

Sandeep is always willing to learn and is a pleasure to train.

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