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Steph Trueman

Personal Trainer

Steph is passionate about health and fitness and loves learning more and expanding her knowledge within the industry. She can then transfer her knowledge to help people achieve their goals, feel more confident, improve overall mood, and lower stress levels. Steph has many different specialities in different areas of the industry such as Pre and Postnatal training, Nutrition Coach, lower back pain, GP referral, and level 4 Strength and Conditioning.

By qualifying in these areas it has given her the experience to work with a variety of different individuals and their goals. By being a Nutrition coach she can combine nutrition and exercise together to achieve optimum results, whether that's a decrease in body fat, weight loss, strength training or any other goal that you are looking to achieve. We will work together to achieve your personal goals and make sure that it is sustainable.

Steph Trueman
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