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12 Week Glutes & Abs

12 Week Glutes & Abs


This 12 week plan is designed to target the glute muscles and strengthen your core. It blends isolation exercises (targeting each of the 3 glute muscles individually for maximum results), corework and high intensity cardio which will tone and shape your body.


Make the plan work around your schedule by choosing how many days a week you would like to train, either 4 or 5 days.


Your plan will include links to video demonstrations of each movement, as well as clear step-by-step written instructions to ensure that you feel confident with what you're doing, even if you're new to the gym. In order to see maximum results with this plan you will need to be eating in a caloric surplus, or at a caloric maintenance level. You will receive an additional document with your plan explaining this, including a calculator to help you work out your macros. You will also receive unlimited support and guidance from me via email and phone.


Following purchase you will receive a form by email with comprehensive questions covering your fitness goals. This will help me to understand your background, and will ensure the plan is truly bespoke to you and your needs. Within 24 hours of the form being returned you will receive your customised Glutes & Abs plan.

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