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Mel's achievements at Castle Fitness

Mel and Brad are stood next to each other and smiling for the camera. Mel is wearing a bright blue top and has shoulder length blonde hair. Brad is wearing a black jacket and cap.

Brad has been training Mel for just over 2 years and sessions first started through lockdown. Mel was initially looking to keep a fitness regime through lockdown but her strength improvements have been incredible.

Mel has trained in all weather conditions which ranged from -3 to 30 degree heat.

Mel’s achievements:

  • Reduced Waist by 5”

  • Reduced Hip Size by 3.5”

  • Can hold a 4 minute elbow plank

Mel’s strength improvements

  • Dumbbell Bench Press: Was: 3kg ⏩ Now: 12.5kg

  • Barbell Hip Thrusts: Was: 15kg ⏩ Now: 50kg

  • Deadlift: Struggled to maintain a neutral spine ⏩ Now: 45kg

Mel always trains with a smile on her face and we always have a good chat along the way!

Keep up the good work Mel!

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