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Charlotte's success at Castle Fitness

Charlotte transformation images with the castle fitness logo and red border.

Over the past 14 weeks Charlotte has dropped over 11kg (24.25 lbs) in weight and lost significant inches. She has taken onboard everything I have taught her and has achieved these awesome results through a calorie controlled lifestyle and exercise regime.

Charlotte trains once a week at the studio and trains independently 2 times at a gym.

Her lifting and training knowledge started at a beginners level, however over the past 14 weeks she has become more confident training in a gym environment.

“Great personal trainer. Really concentrates on what you ask for. Couldn't recommend enough. Helps give you more training knowledge and gym equipment. Also, great motivation to get back into my fitness.”
Charlotte transformation photos side by side with castle fitness logo above and red border.

Charlotte achievements:

  • Weight loss: 11kg

  • Hips: 6”

  • Waist: 5.5”

  • Thighs: 6.5”

  • Arms: 2”

Well done Charlotte, these are outstanding results in the given timeframe!

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