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Meet The Team

Brad Castle

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Brad is the founder of Castle Fitness and has worked in the health and fitness industry for 4 years. He has an extended understanding of the human anatomy and physiology and has an undergraduate degree in Sport Psychology. As well as completion of his degree he specialises in Lower Back Pain Management and accompanies this through sports massage. If you have lower back pain then get in touch.


Brad's main goal is to look at training and exercise from a holistic lens and to help gain a deeper understanding of how to live a balanced lifestyle. Nutrition will be the main area that will determine your progress so Brad has a Level 5 Nutritional Diploma allowing him to set  calorie and macro nutrient targets. 

Brad has always wanted to help people achieve their fitness goals, whether it be via personal training, group training or through the range of his online coaching plans. Brad is a committed individual that seeks to help others transform themselves both physically and mentally.

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Tilly Simpson

Tilly is currently completing her final year of a degree in Sports Psychology and coaching, along side personal training. This has helped her gain a deeper understanding into the world of sport, and also how our minds work when faced with exercise. 


As well as ensuring we set challenging but achievable, goals together during our sessions, one of her main tasks is to make sure you leave with a smile on your face! 


Fitness should be fun, not a task and that is something she strives by. 


Tilly has fallen in love with, and understood, what the process of working out and exercise can do for you, both physically and mentally. She aims to spread a true passion for health and fitness, and this is apparent in her coaching. 



Lift heavy, leave happy.

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Steph Trueman

Steph is passionate about health and fitness and loves learning more and expanding her knowledge within the industry. She can then transfer her knowledge to help people achieve their goals, feel more confident, improve overall mood, and lower stress levels. Steph has many different specialities in different areas of the industry such as Pre and Postnatal training, Nutrition Coach, Lower back pain, GP referral, and level 4 Strength and Conditioning. By qualifying in these areas it has given her the experience to work with a variety of different individuals and their goals. By being a Nutrition coach she is able to combine nutrition and exercise together to achieve optimum results, whether that's a decrease in body fat,  weight loss, strength training or any other goal that you are looking to achieve. We will work together to achieve your personal goals and make sure that it is sustainable.

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Jake House

Jacob's passion is to help people change their lives through fitness. After years playing team sports and training himself he understands the importance of having someone by your side to encourage and push you that little bit further to be the best you can be.


Jacob will walk you through simple and achievable steps using a variety of techniques, so that hi clients can become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves. 


This approach goes way beyond helping people look their best. You are only as good as you feel. So Jacob will also cover performance, mindset, motivation, and lifestyle tips along the way. 


Contact Caste Fitness to get started on your new fitness journey. 


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Anna Coles

Anna is the founder of Compono Fitness and Health and is a Level 4 Personal Trainer and GP Referral Instructor with specialist qualifications in Metabolic Health and Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation. She is a certified Pure Stretch, Functional Movement, Kettlebell and Core Strength and stability group fitness instructor. Anna is an excellent personal trainer and has lots of training knowledge allowing you to achieve your fitness goal. 


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Charlie Hennen

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Charlie has a strong passion for health and fitness. A qualified personal trainer who guides you through the process while making it fun and sustainable. He obtained an exercise and sports science degree in Florida, USA where he had vast experience coaching with the university strength and conditioning team while also training clients within a small group personal training environment. 

Charlie has created 305 performance where he aims to provide a non-intimidating and enjoyable community while providing quality coaching as you take the steps to meet your health and fitness goals. Using his knowledge and experience he can work alongside you to achieve your goals from weight loss and lower back pain issues to sport specific goals.


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Dominik Sikora

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Dominik is very passionate about helping and motivating others find happiness in life plus feel good about themselves. Dominik believes that when you feel good, you excel in life.

Dominik feels a healthy lifestyle is much more than just lifting weights. It’s about warming up, stretching, eating healthily, and getting necessary rest and enough sleep. Dominik loves to help others see and experience what their bodies are capable of with just enough hard work. Dominik cares deeply about your achievement, and there’s nothing of more value to him than helping you go through an experience that will make you happier, more confident, and stronger. Dominik's goal is to help you achieve a happy and well balanced lifestyle that will minimise the risk of future health related issues. 


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Mimi Simmons

Mimi works with client who are looking to make a long term change and improve their lives with exercise. Mimi's main aim is to educate her clients along the way and seek to improve their confidence through exercise. Mimi has a professional, friendly approach to personal training and builds trust with her clients. She specialises in pre/post natal fitness, core strength and pad work, however, bring 5+ years of knowledge from all gym based exercise. Helping clients build strength and muscle as well as improving cardiovascular fitness are a given reward for Mimi, but showing someone they can enjoy fitness is the best part of her job. 


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